RASG Hebrew Academy

Mission Statement

The Hebrew Academy is an integral part of the South Florida Jewish community. Its role is to carry out the Torah’s mandate to teach the principles and practices of Judaism to our students and their families with love and sensitivity. We strive to develop an appreciation for and commitment to Judaism as a way of life, affecting both the way we think and the way we act. Our aim is to engender within our students a sense of commitment and caring of one human being for another, as well as to develop within them a sense of responsibility for the environment, and all of creation. We encourage our students to become involved and actively participate in the concerns and activities within their local, national and world communities. They are trained to aspire to and assume leadership roles within their community, through taking an active role in its needs, thereby becoming productive American citizens, recognizing and internalizing their responsibilities of citizenship. Our entire learning environment is suffused with service learning.

Address2400 Pine Tree Drive
Miami Beach,  FL 33140
Contact Name Adi Raz, Ext. 111 Contact Phone 305-532-6421
Phone 305-532-6421 Fax 305-674-6895 Contact Email araz@rasg.org

Photo Galleries

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