Pucci Party on Pine Tree

Norma and Luis Quintero Host Pucci's 60th Anniversary Party

Laudomia Pucci, daughter of legendary fashion designer Emilio Pucci, and Matthew Williamson, Pucci’s creative director, celebrated the 60th anniversary of Emilio Pucci during at an exclusive brunch that featured a stunning installation by renowned visual artist Gerard Cholot, who was on hand as well.

The event was held on Pine Tree Drive at the opulent waterfront estate of Norma and Luis Quintero, whose private ballroom was transformed into a tribute to the late fashion designer. Cholot’s creative and interactive installation, which was a recreation of his May ’07 transformation of the Palazzo Pucci’s courtyard, overtook the space as guests mingled amongst the vibrant Pucci designs.

Photos by John Anderson

Cholot Explains his Creative Vision for Pucci

‘Y’a de la vie chez Pucci’ – I have only to remember my first meeting with Laudomia Pucci, watching her make her way across the Sala Bianca in the Palazzo Pucci, her dress floating in graceful, joyful motion, the sunlight rippling over the colourful fabric. It was a magical moment.

This memorable image stayed with me as I considered how to capture the graceful movement of a Pucci creation without recourse to sophisticated production technology which would be contrary to the playful simplicity of this first vision.

So how could I display the great variety of Emilio Pucci’s design and simultaneously convey the delighted amazement of discovering his superb collections for the first time? Encountering the harmony of his rich color palette, both simple and joyful, one is like a child discovering fireworks.

Movement is inherent to Pucci’s work, from the design of the fabric to the elaboration of a collection. Every detail is carefully thought through in terms of fluidity and motion, to such an extent that each piece comes fully alive only in movement: balance, lightness, poetry, magic, grace and simplicity. Hence floating the dresses in a magical ballet, where subtlety and delicate balance is the key to the show. In this way, Pucci’s creations alone are the centerpiece of the installation, there is no artifice. This seemed to me the most respectful way to pay homage to the great designer.

The balloons weave magic, floating between sky and earth, playful witness to the timeless modernity of the designer. ‘Y’a de la joie chez Pucci’… the balloons carry us back to the joy of childhood.

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