Q&A with Ivanka Trump

Latina Lawyer, Activist and Mom

SocialMiami.com’s Allison Weiss Brady interviews Ivanka Trump at the Ritz South Beach while the television personalty was in Miami to support the PlayGround Theatre – Stephanie Ansin’s children’s theatre in Miami Shores. Turns out Allison and Ivanka went to the same high school (Choate Rosemary Hall) and university (UPENN)…Too bad it was during different decades.

AWB: What do you think of The PlayGround Theatre in Miami Shores celebrating its fifth year anniversary?

Ivanka Trump with an actor from PlayGround Theatre Photo by Manny Hernandez Click to see photo gallery!

It’s incredible. I was introduced to the organization by Toby Ansin. Fifteen percent of the sales from this event benefit The PlayGround Theatre.

AWB: What are your favorite places to go to in Miami?

I usually just make a day trip down here (from Palm Beach), so it’s unfortunate I don’t spend as much time in Miami as I’d like. My mother just purchased a condo at the Viceroy, so I plan on using it. I just like to relax when I’m in Miami.

AWB: Do you have any favorite restaurants or hotels?

Quattro on Lincoln Road is definitely at the top of this list. I was looking for a signature restaurant for the brand new Trump Soho Tower which is opening in New York City this fall and we’re incorporating Quattro in the new property.
I also like Barton G. I’ve been to two bachelorette parties there!”

AWB: Do you enjoy sports?

Yes, I play golf at Trump National and Mar-a-Lago.

AWB: Speaking of Mar-a-Lago, what’s your favorite room there?

They are all exceptional, but I like the children’s suite. It is just the best. Walt Disney designed the original rug in my bedroom. The tiles in the bathroom were handmade by him with nursery rhymes on them. It’s such a unique and exceptional environment. All of the older rooms at Mar-a-Lago were various countries- France, Portugal- the aesthetic of the country- they are pretty amazing.

AWB: What would you say is your style of dressing?

Classic yet funky. My mother thinks I dress too conservatively. I try and have a little fun by adding accessories.

AWB: Tell us about your Ivanka Trump jewelry collection?

In a luxury way, utilize the Tiffany & Co. model of using incredible breadth to the collection without compromising quality. Prices in my collection start at $650 and go from there. (Prices in her catalog of select pieces handed out at the event range from $1,200- $180,000). We use rock crystal, white agate…to diamonds in the higher end of the price point.

AWB: What’s your favorite jewelry piece in the collection?

Diamond tassel pieces are some of my favorites. (Stephanie Ansin, Artistic Director of The PlayGround Theatre, is wearing a necklace from the tassels collection at this event.)

AWB: And in conclusion, do you think it’s easier for someone to cheat at Poker or Go Fish?

(Laughs) I guess it depends on the age of the person you’re playing. They’d probably beat me at either game anyway.

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