Queen Takes King by Gigi Grazer

W South Beach was all abuzz once again as author Gigi Grazer hosted an exclusive signing event for her fourth novel Queen Takes King. Gigi is the former wife of mega-producer Brian Grazer who she endearingly referred to as her “was”-band.

“It’s so much nicer than ex-husband,” she said.

Gigi’s past works include The Starter Wife and Maneater – both of which were adapted into television projects. According to Gigi, Queen Takes King explores the idea of being married to someone for 25 years and still knowing nothing about that person. When asked whether this idea was based on personal experience, Gigi laughed and said, “No, if anything my ex-husband knew too much about me.”

This was surprisingly Gigi’s first trip to Miami and she had yet to venture beyond W South Beach. “It’s one of the most phenomenal hotels I’ve ever stayed at,” she said. “I’ve stayed at hotels around the world. W South Beach is designed so well. The materials are so high end and I’m incredibly impressed.”

Later that night, Gigi had reservations at Solea and the following night Mr. Chow. Gigi mused how her young boys, who were present at the event, immediately identified Mr. Chow when they entered W South Beach. “I’m thinking, how do they know about Mr. Chow. They’re five and nine. They should not know about Mr. Chow.”

Ah, the idiosyncratic nuances of Hollywood royalty. Welcome to Miami.

Words by Aaron Glickman

Photos by Hellmund

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