Rafael Miyar

Rafael Miyar’s passion for the arts might be due to the exposure he had to it when he lived in New York City. Or it might be from his wife of 35 years, Marijean Miyar, an art historian. Or perhaps it’s simply in the genes of this Cuban native who moved to Miami as a teenager. Whatever the reason, Rafael Miyar is firmly committed to many arts groups in Miami.

When first married, Rafael and Marijean lived in Mexico where their three children were born. Upon returning to Miami, they became active in the community by engaging with civic and cultural groups. Rafael is a trustee of the Miami Art Museum and is treasurer and founding member of France-Florida Foundation for the Arts, a group that promotes educational programs that bring French culture to Miami.

As a board member of the Oscar B. Cintas Foundation, Rafael helps identify artists of Cuban descent who qualify to receive fellowships. He is also active in the Latin American Art Advisory Board at the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami and the IKF Latin American Art Auction.

“A young city like Miami needs cultural venues so young people can be exposed to the arts and become well rounded individuals,” he said. “Appreciation of culture and tradition makes people better and more civilized human beings.”

Rafael and Marijean Miyar live in Coral Gables. Their children are now grown. Natalia is an architect who works and lives in London; Claudia is an independent stylist who has worked worked for the magazines Real Simple, Oprah, and Martha Stewart; and Alejandro, who was press secretary to Mayor Manny Diaz and communications director for the Florida Democratic Party, recently worked on President Obama’s campaign.

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