Re-purposed Jewels

Daniela Swaebe Transforms Old Into New

The concept for the beautiful bracelet shown at right began as a re-purposing by Daniela Swaebe, who wanted to do something nice for her best friend, publicist Amy Zakarin.

Amy had seen Daniela’s fleur de lis bead bracelets and wanted something similar. She had an old diamond brooch that had belonged to her great grandmother, so she and Daniela decided to re-purpose the sentimental piece.

Daniela and Amy met and selected a suitable color to compliment the brooch – a color that she would wear often. That color was black.

Daniela took the brooch and accommodated it for the black, spinel beads, and now Amy has a custom designed bracelet that Daniela sees her wearing all the time.

From that gift came a great idea! There are many women out there who have pieces of jewelry they don’t use. Why not transform those pieces into something wearable, and possibly sentimental? Everyone has a gift from grandma. Perhaps it’s time to re-purpose that piece and have a brand new piece of jewelry at a mere fraction of the cost of a new one. Check out Daniela Swaebe at

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