Rev Up Your Miami Run

Miami Marathon running expert teaches us to make the most of excercising outside

Cristina Mas and Frankie Ruiz

Gyms are closed, while Pilates and Zumba are classes of a distant past. They’re all hopefully on the horizon, but until then we have to take our exercising to the streets. Running in open air can be done almost anywhere in Miami, but there are a few ways to maximize your experience. I spoke to Frankie Ruiz, Chief Running Officer of Life Time, the company that produces the Miami Marathon, and got us the information we need to keep ourselves moving in the midst of a pandemic.

1. Vary your training surface.

Miami is flat and your running path is familiar. It’s true, but today – yes today – it’s time to explore! Step off your sidewalk onto the swale then to the street and back to the sidewalk to work more muscles. Or drive out to a park  – many of them in western Miami-Dade County have green grass – and that’s good because running on a softer surface will lessen the impact to your body and help you recover better between each run.

2. Update your gear.

You know advancements have improved your phone? Wait until you see what it’s done to running gear – so much has improved in the last five years. Consider new Nike kicks. Right now they have two models and they will work for just about every kind of runner. Shop All Nike Footwear at Their newest Pegasus (Nike Pegasus 37) shoes simply make the run so fast and comfortable. If you haven’t been a pair of “Pegs” this is a great model to try. Also, the Nike Infinity React, claim to scientifically keep you away from injury, and I can vouch for that as well. I spend more time in both of these two shoes than any other shoes in my arsenal.

3. Go long & easy to get faster.

Don’t neglect that long run, whether you go for distance or time. For the experienced distance runner, the long run will last more than about 45 minutes or over 6 miles. The aerobic engine for a runner is built by running long and not going too fast while doing so. Think “conversation pace.” These runs help the body become more efficient by improving its ability to move oxygen to the muscles.

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4. Optimize your fueling.

Many of us have more time at home, or at least fewer interruptions to our nutritional routines. Pay more attention to those foods that you feel better during your runs. Try using your phone or an app to log your nutritional intake with amounts and specific details. Snacking is a great habit for runners to perfect. Get $8 Off Your $150 Order At Muscle & Strength! Use Coupon Code 8OFF150.Have carbohydrate-rich foods before your run, and leave fats and proteins for after to refuel.

5. Pencil in a race.

These uncertain times can cause us to lose focus. It will help you center your running if you can focus on a target race possibly in the Fall or early Winter. Some races during that time frame already have registration open so consider training for include the Baptist Health Miami Turkey Trot or the Life Time Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. Keep in mind that some races have no refund policies so make sure you check out their policies before committing wholeheartedly!

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