Runningwithsole Benefits From Art Auction

During the annual ScentWorld Expo, at the Gansevoort Hotel in Miami Beach an art auction was hosted by The Scent Marketing Institute and Air Esscentials to benefit Running With Sole. A non-profit organization in South Florida whose mission is to provide shoes to all in need. ScentWorld Expo chose Running With Sole as their charity of choice in which a check was presented to. The donation will allow Nada Sater, CEO and co-founder of Running with Sole and the organization itself the joy and opportunity to continue programs that provide inner city and homeless children the feeling of empowerment and self-confidence and and self respect. Citron Arbel, co-founder of Air Esscentials and auction organizer, wanted to bring scent-related art and charity to the Expo. He organized the auction, donated from his personal art collection and had artwork donated from up and coming artists from across the U.S.

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