Shanea Savours: Zuma for Brunch

Zuma, for years, has been a favourite restaurant of mine. I have always heard they have a fabulous brunch but quite frankly I didn’t feel like eating that much early in the day. Well today I took the plunge!

Zuma is located on the main floor of the Epic Hotel at 270 Biscayne Blvd Way in the Brickell area. They serve weekend brunch from 12-3, at a cost of $95, $135 and $350. We tried the first two options and quite frankly the $95 option is the way to go.

The menu is not breakfasty at all. The only egg in sight was served in a soup-like light soy broth with cold ramen noodles. But boy oh boy, are there great selections. The buffet is HUGE. Please come hungry. There is a sushi and sashimi area, with vast amounts of premium sushi, sashimi and maki rolls. A robata counter, which also had a selection of soups, salads, cold and hot robata dishes. I was pleased to see their signature corn and their fabulous ribs on the buffet. You can go up as often as you like. FYI, for those so inclined, there are bottomless drinks such as Japanese sangria, sake, bellini’s, mojitos, margaritas, champagne and so on.

Then you get to select a main course like salmon, tempura, chicken, or my favourite, steak cooked perfectly in a chili and sweet soy sauce. Then you get a signature dish of their rice hot pot with mushrooms. If doing the $135 menu you get a small shaving of black truffles on top.

If you think you can muster more room there is a fabulous assortment of exotic fruits, sorbets and cakes served directly to your table.

The price may seem steep but it really is good value for the amount and quality of food you get.

It was all very chichi with a lot of “beautiful” people. If you are looking to splurge for a real treat, you won’t go wrong with Zuma’s upscale contemporary Japanese dishes.

An unlimited, free-for-all, with beautiful yachts floating by and an incredible skyline to take in – it’s a decadent and satisfying way to spend the day. Even the hostesses smiled today – a bonus!

Highly recommended.

Happy Dining, Shanea

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