Shop It To Me

Priority 1 – Staying fashionable and trendy
Priority 2 – Saving money
Priority 3 – Saving time

In this economy, these things don’t easily mesh together. Many would agree that achieving all three can be quite the challenge.

Here’s a solution to help! From Gap to Gucci and Milly to Michael Kors, a free service called Shop It To Me will tell you as soon as the stuff you love goes on sale. It’s like having a personal shopper who gives a private heads up on all your favorite merchandise — better than a sample sale!

Takes two minutes to sign up, and from that point on – the sales come to you.

Here’s how it works: Go to and pick your favorite brands from among the 500+ that are featured (Dior, Banana Republic, Tory Burch, Juicy Couture, and Marc Jacobs are all there too… plus more!), input your sizes, and select how often you want to be alerted (daily, weekly, etc). Shop It To Me will email you a Salemail every time a brand you like goes on sale in your size – you’ll receive items from well-known sites including the leading department stores, and also boutique sites where you can score hot designer products at amazing prices.

A few little tricks to make this dream even more of a fantasy:

· The site is great for harder-to-find sizes! In addition to Tall and Plus sizes, there’s the option to include Petites (appropriate for many in Miami) and narrow/wide shoe sizes. Additionally, there are great options for Maternity and Kids/baby clothing.

· If you just want to see one category (like jeans or shoes) you can easily make those selections. Next thing you know, your inbox will be filled with steals on premium denim or stilettos.

· Ever wish you could ask a friend what they think before you purchase something online? Now you can! Beneath each item in your Salemail is a small envelope icon. If you click on this, you can send a note to your friend or friends where they vote and give you a thumbs up or down on any potential purchase, as well as their comments. Now you know whether that bag you’re eyeing is perfect or so-last-year… Before you spend that cash, you can get the input from your close friends — a lifesaver!

· You can log into your profile at any time ( and edit some advanced preferences. These include the ability to set a maximum price that you will ever see (only show me items under $200) or set minimum percentage discounts (I only want to see 50% discounts or greater).

So let Shop It To Me bring you many many great deals and time-savings too.

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