Snack Out: The Glamourous Art of Serving Guests As they Exit

Grabbing a favor after a fabulous event is exciting for guests, but that experience is elevated when the take-home treat is edible. Yes, from pizza pie to Oreo pie, Miami’s hottest new party trend involves serving up something delicious when the event is over. Another appealing aspect to the take-home snack: hosts can personalize the packaging. Crispy chicken nuggets in your hands after hours of dancing is impressive but even more so when they’re served in a customizable design, complete with party colors and logos. Here are some of the year’s most flavorful exit favors.

Pink Pie
Miami’s newest gourmet pie shop, Pink Pie, has refined pie as we know it. These perfectly portioned mini pies come in a variety of different flavors, each richer than the next. From Florida’s classic key lime to Oreo Nutella, there is a flavor for everyone, including your vegan friends. Whether it be one, two, four, or six pies, Pink Pies’ exceptional and fun packaging options are an added bonus.

For those savory late-night cravings, a giant slice of pizza from Pizza Bar is the way to go. Guests will be wowed by the oversized slices. After an active night of dancing, this hot and saucy slice will leave your guests more than satisfied.

Pizza Bar
Fried chicken is undeniably delicious. When a guest is handed hot Chick-Fil-A nuggets with their choice of a variety of heavenly sauces, they don’t say no. We know Chick-Fil-A is not unique to Miami, but it is so good that we couldn’t resist putting it on the list. Your guests will be on cloud nine when they take that first bite of juicy, savory goodness.

MDoughW’s decadent doughies
Known for her uninhibited sweet tooth, Cindy Lou skillfully brings a handful of dessert flavors together into each cookie. From the splendidly balanced red velvet cookie with cream cheese frosting swirl, to the nostalgic and crunchy Captain Crunch cookie, Cindy Lou makes you feel a new passion for dessert you never knew you had.

Miami Candies
These are not your average donuts. Quite the contrary, these artisanal donuts are mouth-watering works of art. Give your guests a year-round flavor like brown butter and salt or order seasonal or special edition donuts with your own tasteful twist. The Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon bun stuffed donut is one of my personal favorites.

You haven’t experienced rich until you have tried MDoughW’s decadent doughies. A new category of dessert, doughies are cookie dough cups infused with your favorite treats. From fillings of brownies, to salted caramel, to Oreo cookies, your guests just might crumble when they try it.

The possibilities are endless with Miami Candies. Choose classic candies like jelly beans, gummies, and sour strips, or throw in some salty with a variety of chocolate covered pretzels. With Miami Candies, there is a little something for everyone. Give your guests a custom bag with your favorite sugary delights, or create a candy bar with custom candy cubes and let their sweet tooth run wild.

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