Social Manny: Episode 104

It’s a photo gallery of threes this week for SOCIAL Manny by Manny Hernandez. Featured are three great art events plus the Three Kings Day Parade. Check out photos of Dan Milewski and Tobias Ostrander at Milewski’s Umpire exhibit at Diet Gallery in Wynwood, Oliver Sanchez, Natasha Velez, Maria Lankina, Karelle Levy, Anthony Spinello at the Anne Pasternak LocustTalks at Locust Projects in the Design District, Don and Mera Rubell, Chana Budgazad Sheldon and Anne Pasternak, Ruben Millares, Justin Long, Chris Bosh with his daughter at the Three Kings Day Parade in Little Havana, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Colombian singer Carlos Vives.

Photos by Manny Hernandez

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