SOCIAL Manny: Episode 112

This week, SOCIAL Manny by Miami photographer Manny Hernandez features images of Dennis Gleason and Melony Fiore at the In Living Color party at the newly remodeled Benetton South Beach, Paco de la Torres, Ana Ortuno, Angeles Almuna, Aileen Quintana, Michelle Leshem, Daniel Milewski, Nina Johnson-Milewski, Daniel Novela, Benetton CEO Ari Hoffman and Ginger Harris; Nathan Drowning and Lily Scout-Kwong at the BrazilFoundation Miami Gala at Vizcaya, Adriana Lima, Naldo; Edgardo and Ana Cristina Defortuna at the Sony Open Tennis in Key Biscayne; Manny Machado and Al Garcia-Serra at the MGS Communications 10th anniversary party; Eduardo Verastegui and Kevin James at the Sony Open Tennis in Key Biscayne, Romain Zago with Joanna Krupa and more…

Photos by Manny Hernandez

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