SOCIAL Manny: Episode 153

Charlie Cinnamon, Bernice Steinbaum and Joel Hoffman at the premiere of The Grove magazine at Park Grove
In this week’s edition of SOCIAL Manny by Manny Hernandez we visit:

“Miami Generation Revisited” opening at NSU Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale
Featuring: Bonnie Clearwater, Belkys Nerey, Jane Gilbert, Jorge Santos, Carlos Bentancourt, Rodolfo Choperena, Marijean and Rafael Miyar, Bill Teck, Ana Quicoces, George Sanchez-Calderon, Andres Asion, Maria Mercedes Ferré, Emilio Falero, Cesar Trasobares, Maria Brito, Humberto Calzada, Mario Bencomo, Pablo Cano

Tuesday Jazz Night at The Corner in Downtown Miami
Featuring: Gabriella Zamora, Aubrey Russell

Premiere of The Grove magazine at Park Grove
Featuring: Spenser Stewart, Stephanie Ansin, Charlie Cinnamon, Bernice Steinbaum, Joel Hoffman, Carlos Rosso, David Martin,

Style Saves pre-event yacht party
Featuring: Scott Kat, Nao McKenzie, Rachael Russell, Daniel Krupp, Bryana Holly, Paige Watkins, singer Austin Paul, DJ Ill, Michelle Madonna, Brandon Shores, Jena Luckman, Bella Dell’Oca, Pascal Kouwenhoven, Regina Arriola Cauff

Bryana Holly and Paige Watkins at the pre yacht party for Style Saves
Gap Opening on Lincoln Road
Featuring: Carlos and Jackie Touzet, Classixx, Kat Turner, Jon Nusz, Mayleen Gonzalez, Sebastian Guejman, Olivia Doyne, Ashley Turchin

Concert at Grand Central
Featuring: Ginger Harris, Edison Lozada, Ellen Marchman Larkey, Eric Briggs, Max Pierre, Donnamarie Baptiste

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