SOCIAL Manny: Episode 33

Gala Chair Gingi Beltran and Cathy Leff at the Wolfsonian's Quincenera gala at the Fontainbleau

Pat Wallace, Laure Hériard Dubreuil, Ines Rivero, Ernesto Estrada, Gingi Beltran, Cathy Leff, The Wolfsonian’s Quinceñera gala, Lizzy and Karla Dascal, Iran Issa Khan, Master P, Nissy Berryman, Ali Mahallati, Alicia Cervera, Lil Romeo, Megan Riley, George Lindemann, Alicia Cervera LaMadrid, Craig Robins, Terry Schechter, President George W. Bush, Miami Book Fair at Miami Dade College, Isiah Thomas, Roger Waters, Dwayne Wade

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High Season is Upon Us!

Philanthropists Abel & Fana Holtz

Winter in Miami. Nothing can be better. While my friends up north are all starting to freeze, we break out our best winter clothes when the temperature drops below 70 degrees. I love this city!

I’ve been busy, busy, busy of late, attending so many fab functions that I feel like I’m in a whirlwind. In the process, I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with some very interesting and powerful people. It’s always great to get their inside perspectives and we all do some good in the process.

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Visionary Leadership

Dr. Eduardo Padron and Demi Moore

SocialMiami had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Eduardo Padron, president of Miami Dade College, the largest institution of higher education in America with more than 170,000 students. Having garnered accolades too numerous to mention, Dr. Padron is a major force in the City of Miami, especially with arts related initiatives. His foresight is a primary contributing factor to Miami’s cultural renaissance and his insight into our great city is a fascinating account.

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