Social Snapshot: Yolanda Berkowitz

Yolanda Berkowitz, founder and President of Friends of Miami Animals Foundation (FoMA) is a passionate community activist who is heavily involved and committed to animal welfare in Miami-Dade County. Through various initiatives, Yolanda works closely with Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS) to bring resources to the shelter to help save and improve the lives of the nearly 30,000 animals the shelter takes in every year.By bringing in support and creating partnerships with organizations like the United Way of Miami-Dade among others, Yolanda is bridging the gap of the tremendous need for volunteers and fosters to help create more adoptions at the shelter.

In addition to her work with FoMA, Yolanda’s personal commitment to helping the most at risk pets at our county shelter means that injured, sick and senior pets get a chance at finding a forever family and get the medical care the shelter cannot provide. This year alone, Yolanda has personally rescued over 30 injured and sick dogs and cats and helped find safe havens for over 40 others by partnering with no kill, closed admission shelters and rescues throughout the country. Her dream and passion for the four legged furry friends is to find forever loving homes for all!

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