Social Styles: Is fashion an art?

Who Wore What to Where by Elysze Held

In South Florida, the name Elysze Held is synonymous with style. As founder and president of the Miami fashion/image consulting firm, Style Out of the City, Elysze is the personal stylist to WSVN 7/Deco Drive’s hosts, Lynn Martinez & Louis Aguirre and has dressed CEO’s, models, super-models, celebrities, socialites & fashionistas! Elysze frequently commutes to New York, is a field producer for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week, and styles national advertising campaigns. With her stylist’s eye, she lets us know WHO WORE WHAT to WHERE!

Esteemed designers have always been influenced by great works of art and often have paid homage in their collection to great artists (Yves Saint Laurent to Mondrian; Elsa Schiaparelli to Salvador Dali and more recently, Rodarte to Van Gogh).

The late sculptor Louise Nevelson once remarked: “Fashion could be an art—but it isn’t” Perhaps she had never seen the great work of Ralph Rucci, creating his aesthetic for over 31 years.

Each and every design was awe-inspiring. Rarefied colors-beautiful hues of yellows–corals–shocking pinks—and grass greens. Masterful construction, rich in detail. A stand out: Serenely elegant brushstrokes on a hand painted satin gown. The brilliant couture collection inspired reverence in the theater-the crowd rose to their feet at the start of the finale!

Ralph Rucci is an artist-a craftsman bringing his craft to the highest artistic level.
(A bonus: each piece is a “must-have” for the socialite’s dream wardrobe collection)

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