Social Styles: The YoungArts Gala

Who Wore What to Where by Elysze Held

In South Florida, the name Elysze Held is synonymous with style. As founder and president of the Miami fashion consulting firm, Style Out of the City, Elysze is the personal stylist to Deco Drive’s hosts, Lynn Martinez and Louis Aguirre, on WSVN7 and has dressed models, super-models, celebrities, and fashionistas!

Elysze entered the South Florida fashion scene from San Francisco, as fashion director for Lillie Rubin (84 stores), then onto fashion styling and directing at Burdines, Florida. Elysze frequently commutes to New York, and is a field producer for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week, and styles national advertising campaigns. She loves Miami style most of all, and is excited to contribute monthly to, and let us know WHO is WEARING WHAT to WHERE!

SocialMiami contributor Elysze Held was in attendance at the YoungArts Gala, in support of the program’s mission of identifying and nuturing the next generation of promissing artists. While there she couldn’t help but bask in the exquisite taste of Miami’s charitable elite.

Eclectic style and one of a kind jewelry ruled the night!

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