SocialMiami Celebrates: Cristina Mas & David S. Adler

David Adler and Cristina Mas got engaged this August in North Carolina.

The Occasion:

The couple’s engagement.

The location:

David Adler and Cristina Mas

A North Carolina hiking trail.

David’s Secret Preparation:

The week before he had ordered a GoPro, and was determined to get it to work. “I couldn’t understand why,” says Cristina.

The possible clues:

We woke up on Friday morning and I was getting ready to go on a hike, says Cristina, when he casually mentioned I should change my socks. “I thought that was weird,” she says. “Then he told me to pack makeup, another weird sign because I barely wear it. I was starting to get suspicious when he didn’t want to wear his hiking boots so I texted my mother, Olga Parella, to ask her if David had asked for her permission to marry me. She avoided the question and just told me not to get my hopes up.”

Moments before the engagement:

“As we drove to our “hike” he had his GoPro in hand recording every moment,” says Cristina, “which I’m now very grateful about. We got to Moses Cone Park but the Visitor’s Center was still closed, so he casually mentioned walking down to take a picture. That’s when I spotted the photographer. We took a few selfies and then I saw him move something from his backpack to his pocket. THEN I KNEW! I was telling myself to be quiet and listen…he was proposing! This was it! The moment I have been dreaming about my entire life.”

The proposal:

David got down on one knee, asked Cristina to spend the rest of her life with him, and she said “yes!” The photographer got some beautiful pictures at the park before David told his fiancé she was – unknowingly — getting her hair and makeup done to take more pictures at the Westglow Resort and Spa. “We started taking some pictures when David casually mentioned to walk towards the house,” says Mas, where I saw his kids and parents. His kids Samson and Mason had a sign that read “will you marry us?” My heart actually melted in that moment.”

The Ultimate Surprise (After the Surprise):

When Cristina thought the day couldn’t get any better, her mom walked in the door, followed by her best friend from New York and her step dad!  What’s more, David’s sister and brother in law were waiting back at his parents house.  “We had the most amazing weekend with both of our families,” she says. 

The conclusion:

“If there was an award for best proposal,” says Cristina, “my fiancé David Adler, would get it. He is legit the Lebron of proposal’s. It was the best surprise of my life.”

The proposal of David Adler to Cristina Mas in North Carolina




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