Steve Driscoll Opening Reception

Rostad Edwards brings top Canadian artist to Wynwood gallery

Steve Driscoll, Never Been Seen. mixed media on panel
Steve Driscoll is a modern alchemist, who transforms the base materials of urethane and pigment into ecstatic visions of the Canadian wilderness. The artist captures various images he encounters in his native Canada — lakes and trees, sunsets and sunrises, moons and stars, cabins and campfires — creating a storehouse of visual expressive memories. He brings these memories back to his Toronto studio, where he creates his artwork with unorthodox materials that transform into vibrant abstract compositions alight with color and strong brushwork. His hot palette of pinks, oranges and purples are bound to appeal to the Miami art enthusiasts.

On Wednesday, September 9 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., Rostad Edwards Gallery brings Steve Driscoll: Of Far Off Places to their Wynwood gallery located at 97 25th Street with an opening reception that will feature the artist. The exhibition runs from September 9 to October 3.

As the title of this exhibition indicates, landscape and nature are the focus of this new body of work. The process of getting there entails a balancing act between accident, exploration and purposeful mark making enabled by years of experience working with urethane, a challenging medium that many try but few master.

Driscoll’s past experience working in construction serves him well in this regard — he is comfortable with industrial materials and enjoys pushing them in unexpected directions. This experimentation is performed in tandem with a thorough understanding of the properties of various pigments — how they rise or fall within the urethane medium, their transparency or opaqueness, which layer they should occupy in order to make the painting work.

Steve Driscoll is an award-­‐winning Toronto-­‐based painter who has had nineteen solo exhibitions and has participated in group shows throughout North America. He has executed numerous commissions and has been featured in Canadian Art, dART International, The Telegram (NL), NOW Magazine, CBC TV and ArtSync TV. Publications include the 2012 monograph intelligence with the earth, with text by Gary Michael Dault.

For more information on the exhibition and opening event, contact Steve Edwards at 305-857-8576.

Steve Driscoll, Voice of Far Off Places. mixed media on 3 panels
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