Super Bowl Host Committee Launches Environmental Initiative

Miami’s Super Bowl Host Committee – joined by Governor Ron DeSantis – gathered at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center to announce its environmental initiative. In partnership with NFL Green, Ocean Conservancy and The Everglades Foundation, the group created an environmental council being led by Everglades Foundation CEO Eric Eikenberg and has launched Ocean to Everglades – O2E – which will work to reduce waste and mitigate Super Bowl LIV’s environmental impacts. What’s more, the council will aim to leave a positive “green” legacy in South Florida well after the game is over.

“Super Bowl LIV provides a platform and an opportunity to connect and engage our community and all sports fans around a critical global priority – the preservation of our environment,” said Rodney Barreto, Chairman, Miami Super Bowl Host Committee.

Mike Zimmer, Rodney Barreto, Eric Eikenberg

Casey DeSantis, Rodney Barreto, Ron DeSantis, Tom Garfinkel, Eric Eikenberg

Leveraging the expertise of the committee and partnerships, the initiative will involve a series of activations and events across South Florida. Focusing on plastics, coastal protection, habitat and education, the committee will organize activities such as beach clean-ups, coral reef planting community projects, Everglades excursions and student fishing trips.
Super Bowl Host Committee Staff

“The ocean and the Everglades are an integral part of my life and the lives of all South Floridians,” said Mike Zimmer, President, Miami Super Bowl Host Committee. “Naturally, as we prepared to host our record-breaking 11th Super Bowl, we knew the preservation of our unique ecosystem would be a big focus for us.”

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