“Tebas Land” Presented by ARCA Images and MDCA

In this thrilling and introspective play, two lives intersect - that of a playwright and a man imprisoned for his father’s murder.

Taking the figure of parricide as its central theme, Sergio Blanco’s Tebas Land is inspired by the myth of Oedipus, the life of the fourth-century European saint St Martín, and a legal file created and imagined by Blanco in which the trial of a young parricide named Martín Santos is narrated.

From the different encounters this young parricide and a playwright who wants to write his story have in a basketball prison court, Tebas Land will gradually concern itself not so much with the reconstruction of the crime, but with the scenic representation of the encounters between the two characters.

Thus, the initial question that opens the piece: “How is it possible to kill someone?” will be replaced by the final question: “How is it possible to represent someone?”

Tebas Land thus moves away from the ethical dimension of parricide to concentrate on the aesthetic possibilities of its representation and to finally be able to offer us a beautiful thesis on the theatrical event.

Tebas Land

March 16-19, 2023
8:30 p.m. & 5:00 p.m.
Miami-Dade County Auditorium
2901 W. Flagler St. Miami, FL 33135

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