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This week, SocialMiami's editor heads to New York for the Central Park Concervancy's 41st annual Frederick Law Olmsted awards luncheon.

Angeleke Saridakis, Dinet Linares, Amanda Altman, Marile Lopez, Jenni Coba, Lorena Perozo and Tatiana Teo are captured by photographer Rob Rich.


Jenni Coba is photographed by the New York Post for PAGE SIX

Last week, some of Miami’s most stylish set headed to Manhattan for the Central Park Conservancy Women’s Committee event, the Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon. Considered on par with the Met Gala, one cannot simply buy a ticket but rather must be a member of the Central Park Women’s Committee – which requires an eyebrow raising level of giving – to be allotted a table selling to the tune of $25,000 to $30,000. The event this year raised $4.3 million to support the Conservancy’s enduring mission to maintain the Park as a respite for all New Yorkers and visitors. The event’s presenting sponsor is Harry Winston Inc., the corporate sponsor was JPMorgan Chase & Co. and premier sponsor was St. John.

Guests such as Martha Stewart, Michael Bloomberg, Katie Couric, Mariska Hargitay, Gillian Miniter, Margo M. Nederlander and Ali Wentworth were joined by some 36 of Miami’s social stars. Angeleke Saridakisna and Marile Lopez cohosted a table that included Ana ViegaMilton, Danielle Berland, Denise Kory, Lorena Perozo, Brett Graff, Amanda Altman, Jenni CobaTatiana Teo, Nancy McCormick and Danet Linares.

Meanwhile, Suzy Buckly Woodward hosted a table seating Alexa Wolman, Anirays Camino, Arina Kotloyarsky, Carol Iacovelli, James Carvahlo, Kacey Goldstein, Lauren Coleman, Sarah Lewin, Yelena Vologina, Yuliia Faist while Eilah Campbell Beavers hosted Nicole Lozano, Pearl Katz, Lydia Touzet, Kim Wood, Pearl Katz, Kim Wood, Daniella Swabe and Maria Berguestein.

Brett Graff is featured on Getty Images in a photo by Manny Hernandez at the 2023 Central Park Conservancy Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon in New York City.

Kicking off the afternoon with a convivial reception in the Italianate Center Garden, through a sea of women a handful of Shapoh hats, a collection curated by Buckley Woodward, stood out. Worn by many of the Miami women, they stood out from a typically conservative crowd, where everyone mingled. “You can’t take yourself too seriously when you’re wearing a hat,” says Buckley Woodward. “It’s a great conversation starter.”

Meeting first outside the Vanderbilt Gates, each of the 1250 guests are escorted down the stairs by men in white jackets for a cocktail hour sponsored by Whispering Angel rosé. Photographers from the most esteemed publications – including SocialMiami’s Manny Hernandez who also sent a selection of his shots to Getty Images – snapped the stylish, the adventurous and the most  powerful guests, such as Women’s Committee President Jenny Price, Central Park Conservancy President & CEO Betsy Smith, Chair of the Conservancy’s Board, Tom Kempner, as well as Luncheon Co-Chairs Kathryn Beal, Kristy Korngold, Melanie McLennan, and Suzy Welch. Sipping champagne, wine and sparkling water, the program featured lunch was catered by Abigail Kirsch Catering Relationships, with festive spring décor by Andrew Pascoe. The garden-themed fabric for the tablecloths was provided by Scalamandré and each guest received a signature luncheon umbrella donated by Wathne, Inc.

Nicole Lozano, Jenni Coba, Tatiana Teo, Amanda Altman, Danielle Berland, Brett Graff, Marile Lopez, Lorena Perozo, Denise Kory, Pearl Katz and Ana ViegaMilton

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