The Red Thread at Miami Theater Center

An MTC original production inspired by ancient Chinese folklore

Stephanie Ansin and MTC board president Kevin Miller

Miami Theater Center’s (MTC) Stephanie Ansin has evolved into one of our city’s most prolific theatrical voices. Daughter of Miami City Ballet founder, Toby Ansin, and media mogul Ed Ansin, Stephanie studied her theatre craft through programs at NYU and Oxford before earning her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and her MFA in directing from Columbia.

As she prepares to remount The Red Thread – an original production she co-wrote with MTC resident artist Fernando Calzadilla – Ansin reflects on the journey of the play from inception to today, and shares a story that demonstrates the show’s educational viability.

The Red Thread is a mystical adventure inspired by ancient Chinese folktales. The play focuses on a young woman’s heroic efforts to rescue her father’s surprisingly miraculous masterpiece. Beautifully staged with a moving original score, Ansin’s direction is a stirring example of the quality Miami can deliver in the performing arts.

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Video shoot from The Red Thread
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