Vizcaya Ball: “Rock Your Rococo” Ball

Chaired by Christy & David Martin, Alexa & Adam Wolman and Benefiting Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

More than 400 guests rocked the night away during the 63rd Annual Vizcaya Ball. A staple on Miami’s social calendar, the event raised funds for the continued preservation of this National Historic Landmark, ensuring it can continue to serve as a community resource for another 100 years.

Vizcaya Ball 2019 Committee; First row: Josie Wang, Silvia Trinidad, Sonia Gibson, James W. Murphy, Cathy L. Jones, Swanee DiMare, Linda Levy Goldberg Second row: John Grisham, Susan Rutrough, Betty Wohl, Alexa Wolman, Christy Martin, Marile Lopez, Roxana Garciga, Third row: Ariel Penzer Milgroom, Aldy Concepion, Susy Buckley Woodward, Timothy Walker Fourth row: Victor Diaz, Jenni Coba, Joel Hoffman

As they arrived at the historic Cascade, guests walked through the doors of Versailles down a glittering gold carpet and were greeted by a myriad of dancers and performers representing various artistic disciples of the rococo period featuring Doll & Alek and Dance Now!. The cocktail reception took everyone back to the height of European Rococo elegance with sumptuous appetizers and charcuterie presented on gilded frames.

Elegantly dressed trumpeters welcomed guests to the East Terrace for dinner overlooking Biscayne Bay, guests were treated to a delightful ballroom dance performance by the Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Miami Beach, followed by lively dubstep performance by New Century Dance Company featuring a stilt walker and dancers in full 18th century attire. Hosted by the lovely Roxy Vargas of NBC 6, the evening continued with entertainment and an elegant dinner with catering by A Joy Wallace Catering. Guests enjoyed an online silent auction and danced the night away to the sounds of the Danny Beck Band. The festivities concluded with a spectacular firework display high above the historic stone Barge.

Adam and Alexa Wolman, Joel Hoffman, Christy and David Martin
Ben and Eilah Beavers, Rudy and Lydia Touzet
Arina Feneey, Eilah Beavers, Krista Rosenberg
Harry Tapias, Bonnie O'Meara
Catering by A Joy Wallace Catering
Dancers from Fred Astaire Dance Studio Miami Beach

The fundraiser was co-chaired by Christy and David Martin and Alexa and Adam Wolman. Vizcaya Ball Committee members included Jenni Coba, Aldy Concepcion, Victor Diaz, Swanee DiMare, Roxanna Garciga, Sonia Gibson, Linda Levy Goldberg, John Grisham, Gladys Rustan Hernando, Cathy Jones, Marile Lopez, Ariel Penzer Milgroom, James Murphy, Susan Rutrough, Timothy Walker, Josie Wang, Betty Wohl and Suzy Buckley Woodward.

The Vizcaya Ball’s Sponsors were Overfinch as Automobile Sponsor and Republic National Distributing Company as Beverage Sponsor as well as Terra, A Joy Wallace Catering and Design, JM Design Lighting and Fabric, Funkshion and Logistic Events.

Daniela Swaebe, Christy Martin, Lydia Touzet, Kim Wood, Barbara Hevia, Eilah Beavers, Silvia Boschetti, Jennifer Kennedy
Don & Beth Kress, Barbara Zwick & Roderick Petrey
Winne Liu & Christopher Hunt
Mari & Michael Latner
Mark & Alon Kingdon
Pearl Baker Katz & John Grisham
John Stuart, James Murphy, Joel Hoffman
Jose Boschetti, Silvia Boschetti, Daniela Swaebe, Serge Krawiecki Gazes, Ian Krawiecki Gazes
Marcia Hayes Prigmore, Glenn & Gale Patron
Sweet Dupuy & Elizabeth Swezy
Sandy and Paul Steinberg
Susan Rutrough and Santuzza Tuca Timiraos
Entrance to Vizcaya Main House
Guests watching fireworks
New Century Dance Company
New Century Dance Company
Fireworks over the Barge
Swing performers from New Century Dance Company
Greeter from New Century Dance Company
Dancers from Doll & Alek

Photos by WorldRedEye and Gabriel Bancora Photography.

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