Wall at W South Beach

Chic Redesign – Intimate Surroundings

You’re leaving a marquee event, but you’re not ready to call it night. All dressed up and nowhere to go. What to do?

Wall at W South Beach is a top choice. The one year old club that is owned and operated by KNR Food Concepts just got a facelift and is perfect for the post-event/dinner crowd.

“Wall only holds 300 people,” said Nicola Siervo, “so it becomes like a house party…you’re dealing with an intimate club that has the energy of a larger club.”

Siervo remembers, though, when South Beach was a beach town with only a few restaurants and is excited about Miami’s growth. He sees how all of Miami’s nuances are working together, from the grand new hotels and restaurants to the booming downtown and cultural institutions.

“The good life is the combination of all of these things,” he said. “They all work together and the nightlife industry is a very important aspect to the success of this city.”

And naturally, Siervo is betting that the redesigned Wall will attract Miami’s elite on a regular basis. A repositioned DJ booth, plush seating and chandeliers, and more accessible walking areas have upped the ante in the high stakes South Beach nightlife scene. Check out Wall in person the next time you’re out on the town!

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