We had Wine and Cheese with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart mingling at the Wine & Cheese event she hosted

When it comes to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, the Grand Tastings are indeed grand, but some of the best parties have us toasting, tasting and learning lots from the masters, such as Martha Stewart. Yes, our team at CIM produced the Wine & Cheese with Martha Stewart event, presented by Carr’s Crackers and held at No. 3 Social Roof Bar & Lounge, and we managed to deliver the exact experience one might expect from clicking glasses with this culinary queen.

Marisol Garcia, Susan Buckley and Cristina Mas

She didn’t the time provide instructions, but she did walk around and mingle, meaning her mere presence means the pairings were perfect.
I don’t touch alcohol, so I did most of the cheese-eating. On this occasion, I learned that a single cheese farm can produce several types of cheeses and not one single cheese is the same.

Cheese Board and Mouton Cadet Wines

I also learned about different cheese pairings and how the right note of a specific wine can really bring out the cheese flavor. And because it was presumably Martha Stewart approved, I also know better which wines to buy when entertaining at home. All the wines were from Mouton Cadet, and on this occasion the Reserve Pauillac from 2015 was served with alpha tolman, which is an alpine-style cheese made with raw milk. Mouton Cadet’s Bordeaus Rose from 2018 was served with a Willoughby, which is a soft, washed-rind cheese. Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Blanc, Reserve 2017 was served with Harbison, a spreadable bloomy-rind cheese wrapped in spruce bark. (So now you know too.)

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