Yaniv David Cohen

How long have you been catering in South Florida?
This is the 7th year of Shiraz Events in Florida.

Was there a defining moment in your life when you knew you wanted to be in the catering business?
I have always been attracted to and enjoyed hospitality, from helping my mom, as a kid, cook and set the table for dinner guests, to my first job as a kitchen helper in a small café in my home town. Events, food and people are my passion.

Your best piece of advice to a client trying to decide on a menu?
A good menu for your event is a menu that represents you, your culture, your favorite spices and herbs – anything that’s you will make it special for your guests. They get a glimpse of their host, and what’s more personal and special than that?

What was one of your most memorable events from the standpoint of guest enjoyment? One that enhanced your company’s reputation? Your most over-the-top catering job?
The most special event for the guests, the host and all around was a private dinner party titled Around the World in Eight Courses. It was truly a culinary journey that we took the guests on, and each food course had a specialty drink, wine or liquor from the same region

Your favorite type of cuisine to plan a menu around?
I love all cuisines, but its not about me. It is really about our client and their wishes, vision and dreams. Being creative is what we love. The sky is the limit!

If you could plan an event for anyone in the world, who would be your choice?
Lady GaGa…but she has to plan it with me…she’s is so creative.

How do you spend your down-time?
Many ways for many moods, but my absolute favorite is being home with my daughter Rachel.

Yaniv David Cohen
Shiraz Events – New York/Miami/Los Angeles
515 S.W. 17th Avenue, Suite 2, Miami 33135 305-642-2227

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