YoungArts Studio Visit hosted by Kathryn and Dan Mikesell

Shatha Al Deghady, Christine Perrin Stocco, Gina Marinucci Stocco
Famed art collectors Kathryn and Dan Mikesell opened up their masterpiece-filled home to host a studio visit with The Fountanhead Residency’s current artists-in-residence. Through the program, those artists come to Miami, escape their daily routines to work in a new, inspirational environment. In addition to creating here, the artists attend museums, talks and private collections. At the Mikesell home, YoungArts alumnus James Allister Sprang, along with a dynamic group of art patrons, influencers and tastemakers got an inside look into James’ art-making space.
Beau Beasley, Chris Dischino, Debbie Koch, Spring McManus, Lee Cohen Hare, Kathryn Mikesell

Heike Dempster, Debbie Koch
James Allister Sprang, Silvia Faidutti, Lee Cohen Hare

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