30th International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami

A Tribute to Brazil

“Peace Transcends” AfroBrazilian Dance-Theatre
The International Hispanic Theatre Festival is upon on us, and with it comes 12 spectacular productions that will span the course of three weeks. Starting on July 9, the festival will begin the celebration of its 30th season with four stunning works of Afro-Brazilian dance-theatre, directly followed with the presentation of the 2015 Life Achievement in the Performing Arts award to Brazilian director Antunes Filho.

For the first time in the festival’s history, this season was crafted as a tribute to Brazil, in honor of its contributions to Ibero-American culture.

Some of the production highlights of this season include “Cena Para Seis” (“Dinner for Six”), which is described as “theater of the absurd with touches of comedy and suspense,” as well as “Apple of My Eye” (“Menina dos Meus Olhos”), written and performed by a person with Down Syndrome, in a tale of a young woman in search of love and social acceptance.

Mario Ernesto Sanchez
In addition to the productions that will showcase at the 2015 festival, other events include “Brazil at the Festival,” a photography exhibition with photos by Asela Torres, and Current Trends in Latino and Latin American Performing Arts, a two-day conference and book presentation which is a part of the festival’s Educational Component.

Mario Ernesto Sanchez, the founder and director of Teatro Avante and the International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami, has dedicated his life to the advancement of the Hispanic theatre movement. He has won awards from the Florida Theatre Conference, Latin American Center for Creation and Research in Theatre, and the Arts and Business Council of Miami, and his productions have represented the US in numerous international festivals.

From “Zarzuginol (Zarzuela Para Ninos – A Puppet Zarzuela)”
For more information about the International Hispanic Theatre Festival, visit www.teatroavante.com.

Presented by Teatro Avante, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Miami-Dade County Auditorium and MDCulture, IHTF-XXX kicks off its 30th season in the company of distinguished theatre groups from Latin America, Spain and the United States. The three-week festival will present twelve productions from seven countries each weekend at various venues in Miami-Dade County. The schedule of performances include:

  • July 9 – 12 “Peace Transcends” AfroBrazilian Dance-Theatre – U.S. / Brazil
  • July 10 – 11 “Cena Para Seis (Dinner for Six)” – United States (In Spanish with English supertitles)
  • July 10 – 12 “Los Mas Solos (The Loneliest)” – El Salvador (In Spanish)
  • July 10 – 12 “Br-Trans” – Brazil (In Portuguese with Spanish supertitles)
  • July 17 – 19 “Simulacro de Idilio (A Simulated Romance)” – Mexico (In Spanish)
  • July 17 – 19 “Swallows (Golondrinas)” – U.S. / Venezuela (In English with Spanish supertitles)
  • July 17 – 19 “Apple of My Eye (Menina dos Meus Olhos)” – U.S./Brazil (In Portuguese with English supertitles)
  • July 18 “Zarzuginol (Zarzuela Para Ninos – A Puppet Zarzuela)” – Spain (In Spanish)
  • July 19 “International Children’s Day sponsored by TARGET”
  • July 23 – 26 “Alguna Cosita que Alivie el Sufrier (A Little Something to Ease the Pain)” – U.S. (In Spanish with English supertitles)
  • July 23 – 24 “Principe Azul (Prince Charming)” – U.S. (In Spanish)
  • July 24 – 26 “Escriba su Nombre Aquí (Write Your Name Here)” – Spain (In Spanish with English supertitles)
  • July 24 – 26 “ExQue Revienten los Actores (Ex – To Hell with the Actors)” – Uruguay (In Spanish with English supertitles)
From “Principe Azul (Prince Charming)”
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