A Fitness Challenge

From the Team at The Sports Club/LA Miami

The lazy days of summer have ended and it’s time to rid your body of those extra pounds put on while lounging on the beach and drinking Mojitos. But don’t despair, you’re not alone.

The best place to begin the shedding process is at The Sports Club/LA Miami located inside the Four Seasons Tower on Brickell Avenue. The Sports Club/LA Miami is one of Miami’s best kept secrets. You never know who you will spot working out. It’s the fitness place for networking executives, celebrities and professional athletes.

Among all the variety of classes, trainers, equipment and spa services, try the Fitness Challenge program: a six week commitment that makes you compete within yourself and pushes you to obtain maximum results in minimum time. This program is hardcore training and motivation and for those truly ready for the change. Here is a glimpse of the program and its results.

Sara Powell is a third grade teacher at Riverside Elementary School in Miami. She started her fitness training with the Fitness Challenge program at The Sports Club/LA Miami with a general fitness goal of weight loss. During the six-week Fitness Challenge Sara lost 6.3 pounds, dropped 9.3 percent body fat and lost a total of 7.75 inches. Sara says she stayed motivated with the help of her Private Trainer. “She was always cheering me on and was very positive.”

John Konczal is a managing partner for Element22 Partners, a marketing consulting firm catering to telecommunication companies. He also started working out at The Sports Club/LA Miami with a general fitness goal of weight loss. In addition, he was looking to have increased energy and better sleep patterns. During the six week Fitness Challenge, John lost an astounding 22.7 pounds, dropped about 5 percent body fat and lost a total of 12 inches. John says one of his biggest motivations to begin his training was living in the image geared society of Miami. He just started Law School and the extra energy will surely come in handy with his profession and new school work load.

Both clients worked with Private Trainer Alyssa Mouland during the six week challenge. Alyssa has been a trainer with The Sports Club/LA Miami for over a year and has five years experience in the fitness industry. She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and is certified through the prestigious NASM. She developed routines focusing on circuit weight training mixed with cardiovascular training at least four days a week.

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