A Grande Affaire

Top Tips from a Top Wedding Planner

The wedding day can be the most important day of a girl’s life and Robert Torres, creative director from Grande Affaires, is an expert on how to make the most of that special day.

If you obey all the rules, he says, you miss all the fun!

As a designer, I believe it’s my job NOT to do what is expected or common. I’m always soul searching for a fresh approach. Of course, this is easier to do with some clients than with others.

The magic arrives during the initial planning. The client is the inspiration and the key is to listen. By listening, a good wedding planner will begin to see the vision come together – and it all starts with THE DRESS!

Be Bold

Most brides are looking to create a modern and elegant story. Simple gold and white? That’s certainly what’s expected.

My theory – when it comes to expressing your intentions, why whisper when you can shout!

The Grande Selection Zuhair Murad Paris Couture 2011

At times, the bold use of a vibrant color makes everything more exciting and edgy. The perfect color palette does far more than just create a backdrop. It evokes a mood. Color stirs the emotions, creating the ambiance, feeding all the senses.

Work on the dress. The wedding dress starts the script for the story.

This month’s Grande Affaire’s Wedding Dress Selection is Zuhair Murad. His lavish creations in sensational colors and extraordinary fabrics create brides who are princesses in a modern fairy tale.

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