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There’s nothing more social than a wedding, so SocialMiami has gone into wedding mode with our new recurring series, Wedding Wednesday. It’s sure to be a hit, because everyone loves a wedding!

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A Grande Affaire

The wedding day can be the most important day of a girl’s life and Robert Torres, creative director from Grande Affaires, is an expert on how to make the most of that special day.

“As a designer, I believe it’s my job NOT to do what is expected or common. I’m always soul searching for a fresh approach. Of course, this is easier to do with some clients than with others.”

The magic arrives during the initial planning. The client is the inspiration and the key is to listen. By listening, a good wedding planner will begin to see the vision come together – and it all starts with THE DRESS!

The Venue: Fontainebleau

Aside from the dress, the wedding venue might be the most important detail. Miami has many great places to throw a wedding and certainly one of the best is the Fontainebleau.

Fontainebleau is a canvas for the imagination. Unique, chic, traditional or unconventional – mix in the pleasures of luxury surroundings, fine cuisine and superlative venues with striking sophistication.

Glassman/Mizener Wedding

Stacey Lauren Glassman (of the New World Symphony) and Joseph Ryan Mizener (owner of Studio M Miami) were married on June 1, 2011. They chose the charming and glamorous Raleigh Hotel for their special day. They were married at sunset on the balcony of the Penthouse, overlooking the ocean. The intimate ceremony was exclusive for their immediate family. Guests enjoyed classical music by a violinist and cellist, alumni from the New World Symphony. Joe walked down the aisle to After the Moonlight by Gabriel Pulido and Stacey walked down the aisle to a classical arrangement of Let it Be Me, by Ray LaMontagne. After the ceremony, the group enjoyed an elegant dinner inside the luxe Penthouse. Stacey and Joe danced to These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding.

Whitney Boin

Whitney Boin has a reputation as one of the most innovative and technically proficient jewelry designers in the world. His award-winning original designs for engagement rings, diamond necklaces and pearl bracelets have propelled him to international acclaim and his pieces are found at prestigious galleries and stores in the United States and England.

…”I found out that the process of creating jewelry was an intense struggle to come up with a different solution, followed by a defining moment when it all comes together,” Boin remembers. “I was as surprised as anyone that jewelry would completely change my life.”

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