Coral Gables Museum’s “A Night of Zarzuela”

The annual fundraiser gala featured an impressive lineup of opera stars and the museum presented its newly instated "Civic Arts Award."

Diego Torrealba, Dorys Martin Torrealba, Alirio Torrealba, Andres Torrealba

The Coral Gables Museum held its annual fundraiser gala, A Night of Zarzuela, featuring an impressive lineup of opera stars. The event honored Ninón L. & Raúl L. Rodríguez, from Rodríguez and Quiroga Architects, as well as Dorys Martin & Alirio Torrealba, from MG Developer with the museum’s newly instated “Civic Arts Award.”

“These honorees represent the philanthropic spirit that true civic leadership inspires,
which is what helps cultural institutions and civilizations flourish,” said Jos​​é Valdés-Fauli, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Through the course of the evening, sponsorships, pledged donations and a silent auction allowed the Coral Gables Museum to raise over $125,000 in funds that will be used to develop groundbreaking exhibitions and innovative programming.

Frank Rodriguez, Jose Valdes-Fauli, Susan Rodriguez
Jose Valdes Fauli, Jane Woolridge
Jose Valdes Fauli, Jane Woolridge
Jose Valdes-Fauli, Dorys Martin Torrealba, Alirio Torrealba
Jose Valdes-Fauli, Dorys Martin Torrealba, Alirio Torrealba
Aida Levitan, Fernando Petit, Mily and Raul de Molina, Manny Machado, Adriana Meneses
Raul de Molina, Mily de Molina, Elvis Fuentes

Over 220 people were in attendance, including prominent business, community and cultural leaders, such as Mayor Vince Lago, former mayor Dorothy Thomson, whose inspiring story is currently explored through an exhibition at the Museum, Ambassador Jim Cason, Commissioners Kirk Menendez and Rhonda Anderson, who is also director of the Coral Gables Museum, as well as Venny Torre (Coral Gables Community Foundation), Victoria Rogers and Jennifer Farah (Knight Foundation), Marilyn Holifield (Museum of Contemporary Art of the African Diaspora), Aida Levitan (ArtesMiami), Mario Cader-Frech (Y.ES Contemporary), Catherine Cathers (Arts and Culture Program, Coral Gables), Mike Eidson and Rafi Maldonado (Sanctuary of the Arts), Brenda Moe (Coral Gables Art Cinema). Artists Edouard Duval-Carrie and Raul de Molina, whose works are now on view, and sculptor Freda Tschumy, whose exhibition will be featured at the museum.

“We are very grateful for the support that we received from our Core funders,” said Executive Director Elvis Fuentes, “including the City of Coral Gables, funding partners, such as corporations and individuals, as well as our Board of Directors, whose members gave at record levels this year. We are very proud to present the work of extraordinary artists in our galleries. We are also fortunate to have a very passionate and dedicated museum staff that went the extra mile to create a unique and memorable event.”

Jose Valdes Fauli, Mario Cader-Frech
Jose Valdes Fauli, Mario Cader-Frech
Marilyn Hollifield, Michael and Pamela Anderson
Javier Hernandez Lichtl, Dr. Rafael Yonemura George Kakouris
Jack and Dorothy Thompson
Coral Gables Museum Annual Gala, "A Night of Zarzuela"

About the Coral Gables Museum

The Coral Gables Museum fosters an appreciation for the Civic Arts in Coral Gables. It explores and celebrates the history, vision, urban and environmental design, visual arts, and cultural landscape of the City Beautiful within a broad audience that goes from children, families, and community members to national and international visitors. The museum optimizes its mission by cultivating effective partnerships and providing programming that includes exhibitions, educational programs, lectures, tours, publications, and special events.

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