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Follow Allison Weiss Brady – one of Miami’s top society gals – as she dashes about being oh-so-social, covering everything from a million dollar jewelry launch to a power baby shower.

Tune in to SocialMiami as Allison continues to give us the inside scoop about Miami’s elite social and fashionista events from a point-of-view that only she can deliver.

In Search of the Perfect Baby Gift

This highly anticipated week in my social calendar featured the baby shower for Neiman Marcus/Merrick Park’s PR guru Katharine Rubino. She’s great, so I needed something special. There was only one place to turn: my favorite kids store, Genius Jones on Lincoln Road. It’s simply the best place to shop for a baby shower, period. It’s where I found a go cart in the shape of a sleek black 1940’s car, a radio in the shape of a bunny rabbit, and a child’s size classic guitar for baby gifts that I had recently purchased. I’m at that age where everyone is having babies. Couldn’t be better!

Katharine is having a boy – good thing to know so the poor kid isn’t stuck with everything yellow and green. I know firsthand. I recently had my first child, and seriously, how much green can one kid have? Genius Jones had an adorable Petit Bateau “receiving gift set” for bringing Bambino Rubino home from the hospital. Perfect, or too personal? Other options – stroller blankets with cowboys or cars or barbell rattles in sterling or gold. Oh, well – I took my chances with the Petit Bateau.

Bal Harbour, Here I Come!

Models wearing the L’Atlantide collection, including Trish Schneider (left), former contestant on ABC’s The Bachelor (Photo by David Heischrek)

At the Van Cleef & Arpels launch of L’Atlantide jewelry collection, inspired by Neptune, there were some drop-dead pieces. The minute I walked in, I zeroed in on a fabulous diamond necklace on the neck of a great looking model. Once my eyes adjusted to the sparkle, I realized the girl was Trish Schneider, model and reality TV star from ABC’s “The Bachelor” when it starred Jesse Palmer. The new collection is gorgeous – but only if you love diamonds, platinum and sapphires.

My favorite Van Cleef salesperson, Joseph Semaan, was there. He’s fab, and so is Store Director Valrie Scanavino. She threw me a bridal shower a few years ago, so basically I felt right at home. Ran into Nicole Lozano too, one of the hostesses for Katharine’s shower. We were both excited for the party.

The Shower Has Arrived

Marlen Pernetti, Brenda Nestor Castellano, Lydia Prio-Touzet, Nicole Lozano, Katharine Rubino, Tina Carlo, Swanee DiMare, Yolanda Berkowitz, and Norma Quintero (left to right). (See the photo gallery for a larger photo.)

The event was right smack in the middle of couture at Neiman Marcus, Merrick Park – in front of Chanel and Escada, if you must know. Some of Miami’s biggest shoppers were there, and yours truly went straight to the designer ready-to-wear section. My salesperson, fashion specialist extraordinaire Erin Newberg, was ready and waiting with the cutest Lanvin t-shirt. I tried on several and Erin gave me notes. It was fun. Plus, it was my birthday, so I had to get something… Right?

When I finally made it to the party, all of the fancy ladies were mingling in front of Escada – could it be a sample sale? Couldn’t be! Alas, no, just cocktails and diet cokes as the guest of honor greeted her guests. Katharine was wearing the most gorgeous midnight blue sateen dress with – can you believe it – 5-inch-high Christian Louboutin heels! I don’t know anyone else who can walk in those while pregnant. Eat your heart out all you ladies at A Pea in the Pod!

Many of Miami’s top socials were there dripping in gorgeous jewels and couture – Social Affairs Diva Norma Quintero; Nicole Lozano; Tina Carlo, co-chair of the Miami City Ballet Nightspot Gala; Brenda Nestor Castellano and Swanee DiMare, co-chairs of the Miami Science Museum Gala in February; Lydia Prio-Touzet, who the very next evening won a Harry Winston watch at the Jackson Foundation Gala; Paula Brockway, chair of the American Red Cross Ball in March; Christina Getty Maercks; Beth Tasca; Miami Herald social writer Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard; Marlen Pernetti; Gillian Dinnerstein; Ocean Drive’s Lana Bernstein; Gigi Ganatra; Miami Modern Luxury’s Leslie Wolfson and Anne Owen; Ana Maria Davide-Webster; DJ Kerr; Channel 10’s Laurie Jennings; and recently-published author Jennifer Valoppi. It was great!!

I sat next to the most delightful woman during lunch who was thrilled to know that they were serving her favorite chicken salad. She dug into one of Neiman’s signature popovers like she hadn’t eaten for days! “Oh boy”, she said, “this is like a 6 foot tall, blond male model – so delicious to look at, but empty on the inside!” As she ripped open the huge popover, it let out air like a punctured tire until it was just a flat, but very tasty snack. I, of course, dug in too.

What can I say – the event was fab and fun, a complete success. Katharine was very excited and touched that all of these great ladies showed up on her behalf.

Until my next social adventure, I bid you a fond adieu.

Allison Weiss Brady

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