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Are you in the inner circle? If you were, you’d know it.

And what do Chanel, Armani, and Roberto Cavalli have to do with it? A lot, especially if you are one of the fancy and philanthropic ladies involved with the American Cancer Society’s luncheon at Indian Creek Country Club. This was the first “Inner Circle of Twelve” luncheon; once called the “Ten Best Dressed,” as honoree Brenda Nestor Castellano informed me.

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The event paid tribute to twelve ladies: Trish Bell, Paula Brockway, Jane Cundy, Fanny Dascal, Swanee DiMare, Brenda Nestor Castellano, Silvia Fortun, Monica Heftler, Laura De Oña Suarez, Suzie Sayfie, Mary Anne Shula, and Anne McDougal, the Mayor of Indian Creek. Each of these great women have devoted endless hours, energy and fundraising efforts to the American Cancer Society.

The event was chaired by Dorothy St. Jean, Jim Murphy (former President of the Vizcayans, whom I met a few years ago at the home of Ambassador Stephen Green and his wife Dorothea), Remedios Diaz Oliver and Lilliam Machado.

Jewels were a must at this Miami event. They were big, bold and beautiful. Diamond brooches were a fashion staple, worn by Mayor Anne McDougal, Laura De Oña Suarez, Lilliam Machado, Suzie Sayfie, Nicole Lozano and Fanny Dascal. Brenda Castellano, chic in Chanel, favored South Sea pearls.

Jane Curdy, a former model, was also in Chanel; a coral sleeveless dress and jacket with buttons that had COCO on them. I loved it! Oh, and by the way, her earrings were stunning as well – Susan Sharp jewelers in New York.

Honoree Suzie Sayfie was with her husband Eugene and daughter Stephanie. Suzie was dressed in a sharp white and black Giorgio Armani ensemble and a beautiful diamond necklace. She pointed to her hand and shared with me that she was wearing her mother’s watch and ring to honor her memory.

Each of the twelve honorees strolled down the fashion runway while a brief biography was read. I learned some interesting tidbits. Trish Bell performed in the Jacksonville Symphony and married her high school sweetheart. Paula Brockway owns Bill Ussery, which I already knew, but I did not know that it is the oldest Mercedes Benz dealership in Florida. And I also learned that Swanee DiMare was named after an Indian Princess.

The fashion show incorporated three themes: global traveler, femininity and artistic. Global traveler was interesting – lots of tan and camel, bathing suits, and, just in case you go on a safari, Roberto Cavalli’s leopard printed shorts and snakeskin pants. Safari, here I come!

I also ran into Nicole Lozano and Lydia Prio-Touzet. We were all wearing mother of pearl Alhambra necklaces from Van Cleef & Arpels, each of us with a slightly different version. It is the must-have piece of the season. Just ask any fashionista – she may even have two.

In the midst of all the fun and fashion, the real winner was the American Cancer Society. Congratulations to the Inner Circle of Twelve for their amazing work and tremendous dedication to fighting cancer.

The luncheon inspired me to shop – it doesn’t take much – but first I popped into the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach to meet my friend, Caroline, and saw a great-looking messenger bag by Kem. It is perfect for my keys, wallet, and Sidekick III. I had never seen the store before, but apparently Kem is a new line from Greece. The bags are very cool, and the store is right there in the Ritz-Carlton. You can’t miss it!

While shopping in the Kem store, I got a call from a former roommate of mine, Jennie Hatton, whose firm, Profile PR in Philadelphia, is the best for plugging top chefs and restaurants. She was helping plan a kick-off event for the SoBe Wine & Food Festival that night at Casa Casuarina, the former Versace Mansion, and insisted that I come. Well, if I must…

The party was fab, although I stayed up way past my bedtime. Greg Dodge, owner of Brookwood Consulting Group, a hospitality management consultant company, hosted the private party to kick-off the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival. The who’s who of the culinary world was there, and I can’t even bake a cake.

I stayed at Caroline’s condo on the beach after the party because there was just too much traffic to drive home, and I was exhausted. And can you believe it – I woke up the next morning to the singing of Enrique Iglesias. How lucky can a girl be? Was I being serenaded? As I looked down from the balcony, I realized I was one of about 500 enraptured fans. The Today Show was on location, and Enrique was appearing on the show. A girl can dream, can’t she?

And another adventure of this social scribe had ended. It was fun and philanthropic with an unexpected South Beach excursion. Until next time, I bid you adieu.

Allison Weiss Brady

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