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1160 Hair Brings the Chic Salon Experience to Bay Harbor

Two green topiaries perfectly manicured into the shape of scissors stand at the front doors of 1160 Hair. Once inside the salon you might wonder if you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole and perhaps Edward Sissorhands himself sculpted the leafy creations that lead to this Wonderland.

Inside, delicate pink cherry blossoms sprawl across the ceiling luring visitors into the whimsical salon that looks as if it came straight from the Tim Burton blockbuster, Alice in Wonderland.

I was scheduled for The 1160 Experience, which shone with possibilities of grand primping and pampering in this visually stunning and very happening salon. A glass of champagne in one hand and the hand of my stylist in the other, I embarked on the fantastical experience and visual treat at 1160 Hair.

The manicure lounge is Japanese glamour with lotus wallpaper, black and gold lacquered tables and baroque chandeliers. Manicures like the trendy Minx nail art are offered along with a variety of luxurious hand treatments.

The pedicure lounge is in another room in the salon; here the vibe is totally different. Tucked behind plush curtains; red sultry walls, leopard print, metallic foot baths and a black, leather-studded couch lure you behind the velvet rope. For the full VIP effect, the Hawaiian organic coffee chocolate pedicure comes with a plate of chocolate strawberries and chocolate truffles and a choice of gourmet coffee or a glass of champagne.

Each room at 1160 offers a different service and a completely new aesthetic brimming with individuality and creative interior design. Making way to The Floor where my white leather chair awaited, my stylist pointed out The Color Bar at the front of The Floor where not only do stylists mix dye, but every other Wednesday evening guest DJs mix beats while you get styled.

Services offered range from 100 percent Italian human-hair extensions, bridal packages, hair styling, Keratin anti-frizz treatments, permanent straightening, color, organic facials, full specialty body waxing and full-body massages.

The Experience started with the well being scalp treatment to promote growth and strength as well as combat dandruff and an oily scalp. While my roots were indulged, my stylist glazed my ends with a conditioning amino acid. As the treatments settled and absorbed, he massaged my neck, shoulders and arms down to each relaxed fingertip.

Completely content I watched the salon buzz around me – a gentleman, like me, was also getting the 1160 Experience, two stylists ooh and awed over a fresh pixie cut and a young brunette flipped through a Minx nail art catalogue while Madonna’s “Hung Up” streamed through the speakers. The combination of pop music, cheerful stylists, decadent furnishing and free flowing bubbly is reminiscent of a hip nightclub –a very well lit nightclub with customers who appreciate the exceptional and unique.

For shampoo, rinse and deep conditioning, The Shampoo Room runs ambient thunder and rain noise isolating itself and drowning away the buzz and music from The Floor. Artificial turf covers the floors and ceiling while vibrating chairs face a giant red moose and pleasant fireplace.

Surprisingly, the salon is not an overtly large space; in fact, it is quite cozy. Where 1160 is truly magical is the seemingly effortless transition through rooms whilst creating a separated, in-another-place-and-time feeling. Beyond the dazzling décor, 1160 is all about the details – bringing customers the ultimate salon affair.

Back to the floor and my wonderful stylist finished the Experience with a fabulous blow out. I emerged with shiny, bouncy hair and feeling a little tipsy to boot.

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