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South Beach’s Chicest Salon

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Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art is the epitome of Miami chic. The location alone at 101 Ocean Drive – directly across from Prime 112 – is enough to set it apart from any other hair salon in the world, but then add the heartthrob stylist himself, Leonardo Rocco, to the mix and there’s the makings of something special.

“The most important thing that I thought of when creating my salon was that I wanted an innovative concept,” said Rocco in his thick Argentinean accent. “I wanted it to be unique and that was the reason why I placed flat screens in each station and a plasma screen in the reception area. I want my clients to feel the energy and magic the moment they step into the salon.”

Rocco spoils each one of his clients and treats them to coffee, tea, wine, and champagne, while they watch fashion shows and music videos. He has also created a private VIP room for his celebrity clients, of which there are many. Juanes, Emilio Estefan, Paulina Rubio, Ana de la Reguera, Alejandro Fernandez, Belinda, RBD, Candela Ferro, Giselle Blondet, Noelia, and Luis Fonsi are among the superstars that trust Rocco with their appearance.

“I’ve been a hair artist for 22 years and this is my first privately owned salon in the U.S,” he said. “I’ve had other hair salons, as well as a beauty school in Argentina with my parents and my brother, which has more than 1,200 students a year. I trained in London, Milan, Paris, Barcelona and New York City – the goal being to fulfill my dream of opening a salon in Miami and to establish the name of Leonardo Rocco on an international level.”

Rocco has achieved these goals through his salon on Ocean Drive and through his column in People Espanol. Rocco’s specialty is cutting, styling and the global advice he offers clients to accomplish a total makeover. He relies on his very talented and specialized team to achieve hair color, hair extensions, straightening, and keratin treatments.

But what Rocco truly takes pride in is his ‘Energy of Beauty’ concept. “We transmit this idea to every single person that visits the salon so that they have a unique and wonderful experience,” he explains. “I also think that what makes this salon different from others is our permanent innovation, our trained and professional staff, and the love and passion we have for our profession. Our secret is for all the customers to leave happy and to feel rejuvenated.”

Photography: Patricia Rivadeneira

The Rocco Donna makeover includes personal image consulting in which Rocco enlightens the client about the best style for her or him. Then they work on hair color, highlights and the texture of the hair. In addition, they provide an intense nutritional masque to repair and treat the hair. And last but not least, they work on the cut and style. They also consult on eye brow design and makeup.

“Our client leaves feeling happy, knowing that they were given a personal makeover designed especially for them,” he said.

Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art is located at 101 Ocean Drive at the Hilton Bentley Hotel in South Beach. For appointments, call 305-531-3330.

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