AWB Talks to Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O'Leary with his photo exhibit at Art Wynwood
What is the most beautiful place in Miami to take photos?
The streets of Miami; they are a multicultural melting pot. I can walk 100 yards and do a photo shoot in Miami. I’m currently shooting black & white images in town with my Hasselblad camera, and hope to curate another show here next year.

What do you enjoy most about Miami?
I am half-Lebanese and half-Irish, so I love the nightlife, and eat dinner very late. That’s why South Beach is perfect for me. I love going to Bodega and the tequila bar there. They made this (city) for me.

Do you have any products that are sold in Miami?
Yes, Costco sells both of my wines. Costco is the largest seller of wines in the world, and my wines sells at great (reasonable) prices. I also have new wines coming out soon.

What are your secrets to taking amazing photos?
Shoot with film and not digital. Film has only a precise, limited number of images, so you really watch the film roll. Zone yourself into the frame. I still shoot with some lenses I’ve had since the 1970’s, and shoot with Leica M6, Sony7R, and Hasselblad cameras. I used to be a photographer in the 1980’s for my job, and I shot the Olympics in 1976 in Montreal. (O’Leary’s from Toronto.)

Pamela Cohen of the Perry J. Cohen Foundation with Kevin O'Leary at Art Wynwood
For your “Irreconcilable Images” photo exhibit here at Art Wynwood, where are most of these photos taken?
They are from images taken in Greenland, Scotland, Puerto Rico, Northern America and parts of Europe. All of these photos have intriguing elements to them, and make you guess. I’m here tonight with Pamela Cohen, and all of the profits from the sale of these photographs benefit teenage entrepreneurs through her family’s foundation, the Perry J. Cohen Foundation (

If you had to go on vacation with another Shark, who would you choose and why?
I actually recently went to the Turk & Caicos with Daymond John (fellow Shark/clothing mogul). We brought our extended families and hung out on the beach.

Which of your Shark Tank peers has the most interesting face to photograph and why?
Probably Barbara Corcoran (fellow Shark/real estate mogul). The reason she gets on time anywhere is because I bought her a new broom.

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