Q & A with Christian Audigier

Quintessentially Saves the Day

Allison Weiss Brady interviews Christian Audigier, fashion designer for Ed Hardy, SMET, Christian Audigier, and Crystal Rock, on why his clothes are perfect for the Miami woman. Audigier’s celebrity clients include everyone from A-Rod, singer Fergie, hip hop star Flo Rida, Barbara Walters and many more.

AWB: Why are your clothes good for the Miami woman?

We have the best clothes because they have vibrant colors (like Miami) and are lightweight so they are perfect for the weather.

AWB: When wearing a swimsuit, should a woman wear flip flops or high heels?

Flip flops are cooler.

AWB: If you want someone to notice you while wearing a swimsuit, what should you do?

Nothing, the swimsuit speaks for itself.

AWB: What’s the most popular piece of Ed Hardy clothing?

The trucker hats and t-shirts.

AWB: When you’re not wearing a swimsuit, what designers do you wear?

Ralph Lauren: the icon of fashion.

AWB: What is your favorite dish in Miami?

I like lobster.

AWB: Favorite hotel in Miami? Restaurant?

The Raleigh. Casa Tua is one of my favorite places, as well.

AWB: Any secrets that make your swimwear so fabulous?

A special process to the Lycra to make the color of the graphics more vibrant and smooth.

AWB: What’s the image of your company?

It’s all about a lifestyle — dancing, eating, and drinking in our clothes.

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