Bal Harbour Art Nights

Hello Dali

Headlining this year’s Bal Harbour Art Nights Finale is the late Sara Modiano.

Holding court at the Bal Harbour Shops’ Center Courtyard, the Sara Modiano Foundation for the Arts will show Modiano’s “Ser” installation (pictured).

In the artists own words, ”While I was living in Mallorca I would stare at the horizon from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea for hours day-after-day. This visual plenitude that I perceived as I stared into the distance gave me the feeling of being and not being. That feeling, part fantasy and part reality, is so powerful and grand that even though fascinating, it is also frightening. I knew then, that my work would come together.”

Modiano, the Colombian-born artist, entered the Miami art scene in 2004 with a bang when she set up Cube, a multi media installation and experience at “Art Loves Design” during that year’s Art Basel. Modiano very quickly made a name for herself as one of the leading local artists thanks to very unique and noteworthy concepts, like Cube.

Throughout her 40 year career, Modiano wrestled with the impossibility of capturing, through material means, that which has no weight or mass – our inner self. She achieved it through a disciplined exploration of her own inner self, of concepts and materials. Her work has been displayed around the world as part of solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums, including Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, France, Spain, Hungary, Australia and the United States. She received numerous awards and prizes for her work and participated in Biennale exhibitions in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Australia.

Her work reached a level of beauty and fragility that touches viewers’ deep within themselves, evoking a je ne sais quoi experience that leaves one wanting for more.

Other activations will include:

  • Books & Books presents Diego Singh for a discussion of his book “Table for One.”
  • Oscar de la Renta presents the “Iran Issa-Khan Photography Book” in conjunction with the Wolfsonian Visionaries
  • Oxygene will present Stephan Dominique, The Miami Children’s Museum artist is residence, benefitting the Museum
  • Jimmy Choo presents Santiago Rubino, benefitting St. Jude in conjunction with Ocean Drive Magazine
  • Pomellato presents imagery from Annie Liebovitz, in conjunction with and benefitting the Bass Museum of Art
  • Segefredo presents the 25th Anniversary of the Miami City Ballet by Gio Alma
  • Calypso presents Carolina Sardi, on behalf of the Panamerican Art Gallery to benefir the Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida
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