Bal Harbour Launches First Limited-Edition Collector’s Art

Artwork supports new public art program, “Unscripted”

“Americana” limited edition piece ($999)

Florida’s new public art program, “Unscripted,” has released a limited edition series of items created by the first winning artist George Sánchez-Calderón. Based on his two public art installations, “Americana,” and “Levittown House,” the pieces are individually signed, numbered and exclusive to this artist’s six-month project and now for sale.

Bal Harbour is making a very “public” commitment to the arts, seeking to support and challenge the artistic talents in South Florida by providing a platform for creativity. To help continue this ongoing project, the proceeds from the sale of these pieces will help to fund further “Unscripted” projects as well as the artist. The limited edition items include 50 wood Levittown houses, 50 white Levittown houses and 50 miniature stainless steel shimmering mirrored “Americana” signs.

“White Levittown House,” ($499)

The iconic “Americana” limited edition piece ($999), measuring 2’ x 0.8’, is a freestanding stainless steel shimmering mirrored sign, a miniature of the much-larger “Americana” installation currently set on the front lawn of the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, where the Americana Hotel previously stood.

Bal Harbour Village was one of the first suburban planned communities in the United States, and like Levittown, was developed in response to the United States’ post-war housing needs. For Sánchez-Calderón, the Levittown house symbolizes the prototype of post-war America, which forever changed the American urban and suburban landscape. Only 13 of this special gold edition have been created, as a nod to the number of American colonies that revolted against the British Empire to start the American Revolution.

“Wood Levittown House,” ($499)

The two Levittown House editions are in white ($499), a hand-silkscreened piece made of solid wood with the black and white image of the infamous Levitt-designed home, and wood ($499).

Art aficionados can purchase these special items by calling 305-321-5406 or emailing

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