Beauty on the Beach

Ray E. Marchman, Jr., President of The Wolfsonian-Florida International University Advisory Board, and Cathy Leff, director of The Wolfsonian-FIU hosted a members’ reception at The Wolfsonian to celebrate the preview of Beauty on the Beach: A Centennial Celebration of Swimwear, a retrospective look at swimwear design, and Sun Stroke Stimulus, an accompanying installation on bathing culture created by NYC based photographer Miles Ladin.

The exhibition and installation explores the ways in which swimwear design and marketing shape and reflect popular ideas about fitness, beauty, and glamour. Beauty on the Beach: A Centennial Celebration of Swimwear explores the role that fashion design plays in shaping and reflecting popular conceptions of glamour and health through an examination of innovations in swimwear design and creative marketing strategies. The exhibition features archival materials from the Jantzen swimwear company – celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2010 – and The Wolfsonian’s collection.

Included in the display are a large variety of swimsuits, bathing caps, accessories, illustration art, advertising, and promotional materials.

Photos by Silvia Ros

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