Mother’s Day: Behind the Scenes of Quarantine with Four Fabulous Moms

We know being at home with children for eight weeks straight will test the patience of most moms. But some manage to keep it cool and chic. In honor of Mother’s Day, SocialMiami found four of Miami’s most glamourous parents and asked if we could please have a peek into what’s happening in their homes right now. Good news, they said “YES!” Read about the secrets of staying in from Gabrielle Anwar, Julia Rea Bianchi, Lydia Touzet and Alison Zhuk.

Gabrielle Anwar

Kids names & ages: Willow, 27. Hugo, 19. Paisley, 16.
Best part of quarantine with kids: Having a captive audience for my humor.
Guilty pleasure: Making my 19 yr old son sit on my lap to talk with me.
Favorite item from my closet: Anything that doesn’t hurt.
Favorite item in typical days: Anything that doesn’t hurt.
Mother’s Day wish: That every mother checks out

Julia Rea Bianchi

Kids names & Ages: Trent Bianchi, Ransom Everglades Senior
Best part of quarantine with kids: Spending quality time with my son before he leaves for college. We binge watched six seasons of “Lost!”
Guilty pleasure: Veuve Clicquot  Get Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label (750ml) at ReserveBar. Shop now!
Favorite item from your closet these days: Throughout quarantine I tried to wear clothes I had not worn in years. You know the ones that had gotten “lost” in the closet.
Favorite item in typical days: Satin black pants are a wardrobe basic!
Mother’s Day Wish: I wish that humanity will learn great lessons from the pandemic. I hope we will have a new appreciation for one another and for our planet. And that we will treat both with newfound respect and kindness.

Lydia Touzet

Kids names and ages: Rudy 20 Jack 18.
Best part of quarantine with kids: Sleeping in and dinner time.
Guilty Pleasure: Relaxing in my yard, reading and having wine daily!
Favorite item in closet: Workout clothes Workout clothes for all the strong moms out there. Shop Mother’s Day
Typical favorite item: Jeans a button down shirt and a Birkin!
Mother’s Day wish: Normalcy.

Alison Zhuk

Kids names and ages: Asher 15, Ariya 13, Kaden 9, Shilo 9.
Best part of quarantine with kids: Real quality time! Lots of backgammon games.
Guilty pleasure: (Too much) TV and white wine.
Favorite item from your closet these days: My fur slippers.
Favorite item in typical days: My high heels.
Mother’s Day Wish: To be able to hug and kiss my mommy!

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