Behind the Curtains

Cirque Eloize iD @ the Arsht Center

Created in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil by the great contemporary cirque director, Jeannot Painchaud, Cirque Éloize iD is an astonishing new acrobatic/theatrical spectacle.

iD transports us into the vibrant streets at the heart of a city. The stage comes alive with the boundless energy of acrobats, break dancers, contortionists and a fearless stunt biker who perform against a kaleidoscope of eye-popping video projections drawn from science-fiction films, comic books and graffiti.

An exciting, moving, and unforgettable modern circus blending the daring soundtrack of rock, hip-hop, and electronica with the romantic heart of West Side Story, iD showcases the unique talents of a troupe of over 16 international artists – masters of hand-to-hand acrobatics, contortion, in-line skating, hip-hop, modern dance, break dance, and Cyr wheel all leading up to a stunning finale on the one-of-a-kind video trampowall.

Cirque Éloize is only in town for a limited time! For tickets and more info click here.

“BREATHTAKING! ‘Cirque Eloize iD’ is a hip hop hit! This jaw-dropping entertainment is an ode to the joy of being alive. ‘Cirque Eloize iD’ is an elegant testament to imagination, artistry and the child within us all!” — The Miami Herald

“AMAZING! ‘Cirque Eloize iD’ will make you gasp and jump! The Trampowall Finale is absolute joy turned into movement!” — Miami New Times

“SPECTACULAR! The Arsht Center has struck gold with ‘Cirque Eloize iD’, a show that will appeal to our multicultural community. ‘Cirque Eloize iD’ excites and astounds and will bring you to your feet! The Arsht Center has a summer hit on it’s hands!” — The Examiner

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