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Shots of Inspiration from a Selection of Miami’s Leaders

Cuban-American Felice Gorordo took his own identity crisis and turned it into a support group – for the millions young Cubans who today find their goals stunted by communism. Gorordo, 27, after mending his own disconnect with Cuban culture, co-founded Roots of Hope (Raíces de Esperanza). The organization, through an international network, delivers personal and professional development to the young people on the island to help them to achieve ambitions that might otherwise be smoldered under the government’s regime. What Gorordo started as a student group has grown to 3,000 members – you’ll recognize many of the famous names (Andy Garcia, George Lopez) – and includes organizations such as The Alliance of Youth and the National Association of Hispanic MBAs. The movement has since become powerful enough for CNN to take notice, featuring Gorordo on its show, Young People Who Rock.

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Toby Lerner Ansin and Miami City Ballet

More than two decades ago, the seeds were planted that have bloomed into the cultural renaissance that Miami is currently experiencing. A major component of this cultural core began 25 years ago when Toby Ansin had a meeting with the great Edward Villella at her home. During that meeting, Villella mapped out a 10 year strategy of how to build a classical ballet company. From there, Ansin raised a mere $7,000 to fly Villella back and forth while they created the Miami City Ballet (MCB). Today, MCB has an annual budget of $15 million.

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SOCIAL Manny: Episode 28

Barbara Bermudo, Satsha Pretto, and Karla Martinez at Bermudo's diaper studded baby shower at DeVito's on South Beach

This week, Manny Hernandez photographed Angelo Dundee, Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton, Marc Buoniconti, Great Sports Legends Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, Donna Summers, Nick Arison, Sabina Forbes, Gloria Estefan, Buzz Aldrin, Jillian Jacobson, Laura Buccelatti, Donald Trump, Stewart Rahr, Russell Simmons, Lily Espinoza, Maria Elena Salinas, DeVito’s, Amy Sayfie, Nicole Sayfie, Dan Marino, Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard, Lisa Sayfie, Van Der Bauwede at Merrick Park, Adriana Castro, Luis Guariguata and many more…

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