Capponi on Haiti

A First-Hand Account of Lessons Learned

Michael Capponi

Michael Capponi is one of Miami’s most well-known figures. Having garnered a reputation as a nightlife promoter with unparalleled reach, Capponi has been able to establish relationships that span many of the different arenas in our city’s broad, multi-dimensional landscape.

Yet, Capponi’s influence has evolved beyond the industry where his reputation was established and he has been able to re-brand himself as a real estate developer having headed such marquee projects as the redesign of the iconic Forge restaurant.

Capponi has also moved into the philanthropic world by lending his name to events like the Make-A-Wish Gala, the Arsht Center Gala, the Wellness Community Heart and Star Gala and more. Although recently, Capponi has used his influence to help those in Haiti following the country’s devastating earthquake through Project Medishare and the United Way. The mission, to which he is still committed, has not only raised money, but has also served as a learning experience about the power of giving and the need for proper oversight.

In this exclusive SocialMiami interview, Capponi enlightens us about his work in Haiti and provides us with insight about the good, and not-so-good, aspects of the relief effort. It’s an honest and pointed depiction of a complicated scenario as seen through the eyes of a Miami luminary with an evolving sense of purpose.

See photos from the Project Medishare fundraiser at Villa Capponi.

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