Chanel Show Lands In Miami Executive Airport

Chanel 2007 Cruise Resort Collection Models

The legendary House of Chanel presented the premiere showing of the Chanel 2008 Resort and Cruise Collection in a private airplane hangar at the Miami Executive Airport. The show was presented by Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland to benefit the Golden Angels, a recognition society of the Jackson Memorial Foundation. This show echoed the spectacular world premiere at the Santa Monica Airport, where a hangar was transformed into a glamorous airport lounge. When guests first entered the area, they received boarding passes welcoming them to Golden Angel Class on the Chanel Line.
First, guests mingled with each other and enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres and drinks, during the cocktail hour. After the cocktail hour, guests were asked to take their seats for the formal sit-down dinner and the showing of the fashion collection. An announcement was made that the Chanel plane had landed. And then–voila–the doors of the hangar opened; the private jet pulled up under a glorious full moon, and the models outfitted in the collection de-planed onto the runway. It was an amazing moment in the history of fashion shows—in fact it was a happening more than a show– and delighted and amazed the guests. Adding to the excitement was a slew of paparazzi who couldn’t take enough pictures of the fashions and the VIPs who attended the event.

Marisa Cisneros Rizzon, Chairman, Chanel 2007 Fashion Show and Dinner, Platinum Angel; Nora Bulnes, Honorary Chairman, Chanel 2007 Fashion Show and Dinner, Publisher, Selecta Magazine; Patricia Wallace, Chairman, Golden Angel Society, Platinum Angel

Pat Wallace, chairwoman and founder of the Golden Angel Society worked with Juan Lopez, General Manager of Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland to bring the Chanel event to Jackson Memorial Foundation. The Chairman of Chanel Fashion Show and Dinner was Marisa Cisneros Rizzon, and Nora Bulnes, society leader and publisher of Selecta Magazine was Honorary Chairwoman of the Chanel Fashion Show and Dinner. Fabio Alexander, owner of Miami Executive Aviation, donated the airplane hangar to the Golden Angels and Tom Daly donated his fabulous private jet.
Favors for guests when they left, included Chanel cologne as well as a special Chanel jacket pin that was produced specifically for events of this nature—it is something that you cannot purchase and therefore has a very special keepsake value.
Pat Wallace founded the Golden Angel Society in her living room almost 10 years ago. Since then, more than 600 people have joined, with donations of $50,000 to $5 million and more. Since the inception of this group, they have raised funds to help heal countless people and created numerous cutting-edge projects—all with one goal: creating a facility at Jackson that gives the best health care to residents of Miami-Dade County.
Jackson Memorial Foundation (JMF) is the principal source of fundraising for Jackson Health System (JHS), seeking private philanthropic funds to improve the system’s facilities and supports its priority projects. For further information call Jackson Memorial Foundation at 305-355-4999 or visit

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