Creative Invasion Book Launch at Casa Tua

Alexandre Allard and Farfetch celebrated the international launch of art book Creative Invasion* at Casa Tua in Miami Beach with friends from the art and fashion worlds. Notable attendees included Andrea Baclea, Maria Buccellati, Isabelle Bscher, Fernanda Domit, Umindi Francis, Lionel Geneste, Armand Hadida, Chaoqiu He, David Hoey, Stephanie Horton, Ana Paula Junqueira, Artur Lescher, Elise Lombrage, Jason Pomeranc, Marc Pottier, Arne Quinze, Neal & Debbie Sroka, Marita Stavrou, Elizabeth Tisch, Walid & Susie Wahab, and Leila Yavari.

The 500-page, beautifully designed book chronicles Made By…Feito por Brasileiros, the immense cultural happening which attracted over 120,000 visitors to São Paulo’s Cidade Matarazzo.

Photos by BFA / Samantha Nandez

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