DKOR Interiors

Breakfast/Tea Room - An American in Paris

DKOR Interiors

Design Statement: “The theme for this year inspires a whimsical feeling. The breakfast/tea room lends itself for a more conceptual interpretation of the space while we incorporate its functional requirements. ‘An American in Paris’ carries forth an artistic mood that has driven us to keep the room very playful through the addition of interesting elements. The film also provided us with unexpected layers of inspiration which we hope will transmit a sense of joy and whimsy to those who experience the space.”

Bio: DKOR Interiors derives itself from the hospitality background of its owner Ivonne Ronderos. It prides itself with a focus that only begins with the interior design and ends with a greater quality of life for our clients. Our design inspiration always stems from the individual style of our clients allowing us to explore different tastes and styles while keeping true to our innovativeness. The continued success of DKOR Interiors lies in the strengths and collaboration of our designers.

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